Why Did Craig Conover Yell At Ex Naomie Olindo on ‘Southern Charm’?

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo had an argument on a recent episode of “Southern Charm,” after which he ordered her to forget about him and go on with her life. Almost three years of dating ended in 2017 when they decided to separate.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

A recent episode of the reality show included a heated argument between Conover and Olindo at a restaurant when the rest of the group was present.

Very quickly after that, the 30-year-old accused Conover of spreading allegations about her being a wild ex, which pushed the matter to a boiling point.

The attorney eventually lost his cool and told her to get over it and move on with her life.

Take a look ahead to find out what happened in the fight.

Conover, Craig And A Fight Broke Out Between Naomie Olindo And The Other Person.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

In The Most Recent Episode Of “Southern Charm,” Which Aired On Thursday, Conover And Olindo, His Ex-Girlfriend, Had A Disagreement. The Entire Contentious Discussion Took Place At The Mullet Bay Restaurant, Which Is Located On St.

Simons Island, In The State Of Georgia. Conover, Olindo, Venita Aspen, And Austen Were All Eating Supper Together At The Time When The Event Took Place.

According to an article published in People Magazine, Olindo criticized the group of reality stars for their attitude towards the server after they had made their order for meals and two rounds of shots. He also challenged them to improve their behavior.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

The Individual In Their Thirties Spoke Up And Said, “You Guys Need To Be Better At Noticing Waiters Because Everyone’s Having Their Own Discussions, And It’s Definitely Making Her Uncomfortable.”

Conover, Who Appeared To Be Outraged By The Comment, Then Asked The Reality Star Whether Or Not She Had Ever Worked In The Food And Beverage Industry In The Past. Olindo Had The Following Response:

“All I’m Suggesting Is That We Should Recognise Her Because Obviously It’s A Large Bunch.” Conover, Who Had Worked In The Hospitality Sector As A Bartender For A Total Of Seven Years, Subsequently Accused Olindo Of Advising Them Without Having Any Prior Knowledge In The Field.

He Advised Her To Get A ‘fucking Life’ And Get On With It.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

Following The Brief Altercation That Occurred Between The Exes While Everyone Was Seated At The Table, The 33-Year-Old Individual Departed The Group To Join Some Individuals Who Were Sitting At The Bar To Drink A Shot.

People Reports That Not Long After Conover Reunited With His Buddies, He Discovered That They Were In A Less Hospitable Mood Than They Had Been Before He Left Them.

When He Questioned Why Olindo Addressed Him About A Rumor She Said He Spread About Her, He Received The Following Response:

The Woman, Who Is 30 Years Old, Asserted That Leva Bonaparte Informed Her That Conover “Said Extremely Horrible Things About Me At The Friendsgiving,” One Of Which Was That She Was A “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Specifically, The Woman Claimed That Conover Called Her A “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” However, The 33-Year-Old Individual Refuted The Allegations And Advised Olindo To Get On With The Rest Of Her Life.

Conover Screamed, “Simply Cease Your Actions!” “I Beg You, Just Go The F*** On With Your Life. Seriously.” The Reality Celebrity Got Up And Left The Table As Soon As It Was Over.

In 2014, Craig Conover And Naomie Olindo Began Their Romantic Relationship.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

2014 Marked The Beginning Of The Former Couple’s Courtship, Which Lasted Until September 2017, When They Decided To End Their Relationship.

They First Became Acquainted With One Another During Their Time Spent Studying At The Same University, With Conover Nearing The End Of His Education And Olindo Beginning Hers.

The Lawyer Eventually Disclosed That He Had Romantic Feelings For The Woman, Despite The Fact That They Were Not Romantically Linked At The Time.

Conover Stated In An Interview With “The Daily Dish” In 2016 That He “Knew” With Naomie That If There Was Ever Any Lady That He Was Going To Date, It Was Going To Be Her.

Fans Were Able To Witness The Duo’s Many Periods Together, Such As When They Moved In With Each Other Till They Went Their Separate Ways, After They Had Reconnected At A Later Point In Time.

The Divorce Was Finalized In 2018, At Which Point The Attorney Disclosed On “The Daily Dish” That They Had Attempted To Reconcile Their Differences But Were Ultimately Unable. Conover Stated, “Naomie And I, We Had The Greatest Of Intentions.”

We Were Attempting To Find A Solution, But After Some Time, We Were Forced To Face The Facts, And I Wished That Things Had Turned Out Differently. I Believe That We Both Did.

According To Craig Conover, Working With His Former Partner Was Not Typical.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

The Eighth Season Of “Southern Charm” Featured Olindo’s Return To The Show’s Cast, As Well As A Brief Reconciliation Between The Exes In The Form Of A Hookup After Their Breakup.

A Noteworthy Statement That Conover Made To Page Six Was That He Didn’t Think Season Eight Was A Wonderful Experience For Him, And Fans Would Witness Him And Olindo Disagree On A Number Of Occasions During The Course Of The Season.

Conover Stated, “It’s Not Normal To Hang Out With Your Ex As Often As You Do When We’re Working On These Projects.” “It’s Not Usual To Hang Out With Your Ex As Much As You Do.” You’ll Have The Opportunity To Watch Naomi And I Go Head To Head.

He Also Disclosed That When Olindo Returned To The Series, He Was Reasonably Accommodating To Her, But That His Attitude Toward Her Shifted After He Learned That He Would See Her More Frequently Than He Had Anticipated.

Naomie Olindo told to "Move On" by Craig Conover

“I Made A Point Of Being Really Hospitable, Telling Them, ‘come On Back!'” Conover Described How He Once Told Someone, “Screw It; The Fans Would Love To See You.” “And Then, You Know, I Don’t Have A Lot Of Patience For Her, Which Is Something That You’ll Get The Chance To See,” She Said. “And Then, You Know, I Don’t Have Much Patience For Her.”

But All I Can Say Is, Absolutely, There’s A Good Reason Why We’re No Longer Together. And Now We Spend Each And Every Moment Together.”

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