The Best Chicago Pizzeria For A Delicious Slice Of Pie.

Pizza Lovers Will Find Paradise In Chicago. This Makes Perfect Sense When One Considers That The City Is Responsible For The Invention Of Two Fantastic Varieties Of Spicy, Cheesy Delight.

A Great Number Of People Who Aren’t From The Midwest Associate Chicago Pizza With Only One Style: Gooey, Cheesy Deep Dish.

This Is Not Surprising When One Considers The Fact That National Restaurant Chains Such As Uno Have Spread That Particular Style Of Pizza To Communities All Across The United States.

They Have Dubbed It “Chicago Deep Dish Pizza” And Equated It With The City In Which It First Appeared.

However, Many Naysayers, Most Of Whom Are Located Outside Of Chicago, Have Questioned Whether Or Not Deep Dish Pizza Can Even Be Classified As Pizza (Via Eater). Perhaps It’s A Dish That Can Be Served On Its Own Instead.

Those Who Live In Chicago Who Have More Sophistication Are Aware That Deep Dish Pizza Is Only One Of The Many Popular Varieties Of Pizza Enjoyed In The Windy City, And That Authentic Chicago Pizza Is Actually Thin And Crispy And Divided Into Relatively Small Squares.

This Type Of Pizza Is Known As “Tavern Style,” And It First Appeared In New York City During The Time Of World War Ii. It Was First Made Popular At The City’s Countless Neighborhood Drinking Holes And Corner Bars (Via Chicago Magazine).

Despite The Fact That Every Chicagoan Has A Preferred Style Of Pizza From A Preferred Restaurant — And Possibly More Than One Preferred Style From More Than One Preferred Restaurant — There Are Still Some Pizzas That Rule Supreme In The Hearts And Minds Of Chicago’s Most Voracious Eaters.

The Great Thing About Chicago Pizza Is That There Are So Many Options, And You Can Find One That Suits Your Taste. From Deep Dishes To Thin Crust, Chicago Has It All.

So, If You Are Looking For A Pizza That You Can Satisfy Your Craving, Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Find It.


Pequod’s Is The Place To Go If You Want Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago, According To Any Chicagoan Who Is Worth Their Salt. (That Is, Assuming That They Are Not Attempting To Conceal The Information.)

Since 1970, The Eatery Located In Lincoln Park Has Been Serving Up Delicious Pizzas And Has Become A Favorite Of The Neighborhood. It Is So Well-Liked, In Point Of Fact, That The Wait Times On The Weekends Can Sometimes Be Measured In Hours Rather Than Minutes.

However, Those Who Are Organized Enough Can Join The Restaurant’s Waitlist On Yelp Or Make A Reservation In Advance On Their Own.

However, It Is Absolutely Worth It Because The Pan Pizza’s Crisp Caramelized Crust Is On A Completely Different Level. Pequod’s Takes The Gooey Style And Enhances It To Its Maximum Potential, Unlike Other Deep Dish Restaurants Such As Lou Malnati’s And Giordano’s.

Other Deep Dish Restaurants Are Fine. The Sausage Served At This Establishment Is Very Delicious, And The Layer Of Fennel Flavor It Adds Helps To Balance Out The Richness Of The Pizza.

Pequod’s Manages To Live Up To Its Reputation Time And Time Again, In Contrast To A Number Of Other Highly-Touted Eateries That Fall Short Of Their Promises.

There Is A Good Reason Why The Restaurant’s Website States That “It’s Tough To List Them All” Despite The Fact That The Establishment Has Been Recognized On A Significant Number Of “Best Pizza” Lists. Pequod’s Pizza Is Widely Considered To Be The Best Pizza In Chicago And Is Consistently Ranked As One Of The Top Pizzas In The United States.

2. Spacca Napoli, Come For The Food, Stay For The Story

Spacca Napoli Is A Cozy Neighborhood Restaurant In Ravenswood That Serves Traditional Pizza Made In The Neapolitan Manner. The Restaurant Is Nestled Away Behind The Metra Train Track.

The Genuine Pizza Enthusiasts Who Own And Run The Restaurant Use An Oven That Was Brought All The Way From Naples, Italy, And Was Constructed By Third- And Fourth-Generation Artisans.

The Restaurant Has Been In Business For More Than A Decade. The Proprietor Of The Restaurant, Jon Goldsmith, Is A Certified Pizzaiuolo, And He Takes Great Care To Use Only High-Quality Ingredients, Which Are Frequently Purchased From More Specialized Or Smaller Vendors.

In Addition, Goldsmith And Company Frequently Provide Specials That Are Both Highly Seasonal And Incredibly Excellent. Furthermore, They Have A Strong Roster Of Appetizers, Which Includes Burrata And Polenta Cakes, Respectively.

When It Comes To Pizza, The Menu At Spacca Napoli Doesn’t Really Have Any Weak Links At All. Because It Is Always A Good Idea To Sample A Little Bit Of Everything, The Best Strategy Is To Always Order A Bunch And Share It With Others.

The White Pizza, The Margarita, And The Prosciutto And Arugula Pizza Are The Most Popular Choices Among Yelpers, But You Really Can’t Make A Mistake With Any Of The Options.

There Is Always A Way To Get In At The Last Minute, Even Though Reservations Are Always Suggested At Spacca Napoli, The Restaurant Does Offer The Occasional Walk-Up Place And Is Open For Lunch, So There Is Always A Way To Get In.

3. Vito & Nick’s, “It’s All About The Thin Crust Pizza!”

Vito & Nick’s Has Been A Popular Hangout For Locals In The Ashburn Area On The City’s South Side For More Than A Century.

They First Began Making Pizzas With Any Seriousness In 1946, Which Was Immediately After The End Of World War II.

The Pizzas Were Made With The Assistance Of Nick Barraco’s Mother, And They Were Based On A Traditional Sicilian Recipe That Relies On Quality Ingredients, Perfectly Seasoned Sausage, And A Family Dough Recipe That Is Closely Guarded.

Nick Barraco’s Mother Was Instrumental In The Creation Of The Pizzas.

Today, Vito & Nick’s Has Become A Haven For Generations Of Southside Residents Who Grew Up Enjoying The Crispy Thin Crust.

It Has Also Become A Haven For Food Celebrities Such As Guy Fieri And Dave Portnoy Of Barstool Sports, Both Of Whom Have Given The Pizza Outstanding Reviews.

The Restaurant’s Façade And Its Cash-Only Inside Both Leave A Lot To Be Desired, And The Restaurant’s Exterior Doesn’t Really Have Anything To Offer In Terms Of Curb Appeal.

Be Careful Not To Get It Twisted, Though; Some Of The Most Delicious Pizzas May Be Found At The Most Unassuming Restaurants.

In Spite Of The Fact That The Eatery Provides A Wide Selection Of Toppings, Including Both Classic And Unique Combinations (Anyone For Pizza With Italian Meat And Giardiniera? ),

It Appears That The Traditional Cheese, Sausage, And Half Cheese/Half Sausage Pizzas From Vito & Nick Are The Ones That Chicagoans Enjoy The Most.

4. Marie’s Pizza & Liquors

Another Chicago Landmark, Marie’s Pizza & Liquors Has Been Serving Up Delicious Food And A Cheery Atmosphere To The Residents Of Chicago’s Northwest Side For More Than Eight Decades.

The Restaurant, Which Is Located Next To A Liquor Store, Features Wood Paneling, Red Vinyl Booths, And A Genuine 1950s-Style Appeal Throughout Its Interior.

There Are Also Live Performances Of Music On The Weekends, And More Than A Couple Of The Staff Members Have Worked There For More Than 20 Years.

A Word Of Advice: Plan Your Visit Around The Holiday Season, When The Establishment Will Be Decked Out In Its Most Festive Garb.

Both The Bread And Butter And Marie’s Special Pizza Have A Thin Crust, And Marie’s Special Pizza Is The Most Popular Item On The Menu At This Restaurant.

It Is Topped With Sausage, Onion, Green Pepper, And Mushrooms. Marie’s Is Yet Another Illustration Of A Pizza With A Thin Crust That Has Been Polished And Perfected Over The Course Of Its History.

It Is Flawlessly Cheesy And Has The Ideal Level Of Oiliness. Don’t Be Concerned That You’ll Order Too Much Food Too.

Customers Take Their Leftovers In A Really Cute Horizontal Pizza Bag With Them When They Leave, And Pulling The Top Off The Bag When They Are Ready For Another Round Is Simply Part Of The Pleasure.

5. Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s, The Most Recent Addition To This List, Takes Pizza To A Higher Level Of Sophistication Than It Typically Does. Even Though The Restaurant May Be Found In Other Cities, This Does Not Indicate That It Is Merely A Franchise That Serves Uninteresting Pizza.

In Reality, Paulie Gee’s Is The Antithesis Of This, Since It Places An Emphasis On Local Providers, Unique Flavor Profiles, And A Diverse Selection Of Ingredients.

These Include Everything From Italian Tomatoes To Kimchi And Dried Bing Cherries.

Paulie G’s, Which Has Locations In The Logan Square And Wicker Park Neighborhoods Of Chicago, Serves A Little Younger And More Stylish Clientele Than The Four Restaurants That Came Before It In The Ranking, But This Does Not Mean That It Skimps On Quality For The Sake Of Its Instagram Cred.

In Fact, One Of The Restaurant’s Sicilian Pies Was Awarded The Coveted U.S. Pizza Cup.

It Was Topped With Sharp White Cheddar, Mozzarella, Ezzo Pepperoni Cups, Housemade Bacon Jam, Red Sauce, Ricotta, Basil, And Mike’s Hot Honey.

In Addition To These Fantastic Combinations, The Restaurant Also Provides A Varied Selection Of Vegan-Friendly Dishes On Its Extensive Menu.

6. Piece Brewery And Pizzeria

Piece, A Popular Brewery And Pizza Restaurant In Wicker Park, Is Co-Owned By Rick Nielsen, Guitarist For Cheap Trick And A Well-Known Figure In The Community (Via The Daily Meal).

You Just Have To Be In The Right Place At The Right Moment To See Him (Or Dave Grohl) Eating A Pie.

Piece Is Unique Among Pizza Restaurants In Chicago Since It Serves New Haven-Style Pies. New Haven-Style Pizza Was Developed In Connecticut And Is Similar To Neapolitan Pizza But Is Crispier And Greasier.

The New Haven-Style Pizza At Piece Is Baked In A Coal Oven And Comes In A Number Of Classic Interpretations, Including A Tomato Pie That Does Not Include Any Mozzarella At All.

The Unique Pizzas Offered By Piece, On The Other Hand, Are Where The Restaurant Truly Excels.

In Order To Develop Unique Pizzas For Its Menu, The Diner Has Collaborated With A Number Of Well-Known Restaurants, Such As The Illustrious Hot Doug’s, Which Operated For Decades Before Shutting Down In 2018 (Via Serious Eats).

It’s Possible That Some Of The Ensuing Inventions, Such As Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage Pizza And Honey Butter Fried Chicken Pizza, May Sound A Little Strange At First, But There’s No Denying That Their Flavor Profiles Are Distinctive.

Piece Offers A Broad Variety Of Premium Toppings, Including Clams, House-Made Meatballs, Giardiniera, And Both Feta And Gorgonzola Cheese,

So Customers Who Are Hesitant To Order An Elaborate Creation From The Chef May Always Create Their Own Unique Pizza Using These Ingredients.

7. Middle Brow Bungalow

It’s Not Necessary To Eat At A Pizzeria To Enjoy Good Pizza. The Bungalow, The Taproom For Middle Brow Beer, Serves Breakfast, Lunch, And Supper.

The Pizza At The Bungalow Is Known For Its Chewy Sourdough Crust And Has Won The Hearts Of Many Chicagoans.

Middle Brow’s Pizza Is Cut Into Conventional Doughy Triangles And Topped With Fresh, Local Vegetables Like Butternut Squash And Seasonal Spring Ramps. For Purists, A Very Substantial Cheese Or Sausage Pie Is Also Available.

Many Yelpers Recommend Middle Brow For Its Wild Mushroom Pizza, Which They Feel Is Best Eaten There Rather Than At Home. Hot Honey Pizza Topped With Mozzarella, Parmesan, And Soppressata Is Another Customer Favorite.

It Seems Like A Fantastic Dinner, Especially If You Start With Some Of Middle Brow’s Renowned Bread And Butter And Wash It Down With One Of The Rotating Beers From Their Roster, Such As The Cape Town Crush Ipa Or The White Light Wheat Beer.

8. Burt’s Place

There Is Some History Behind Burt‘s. Burt Katz, Who Had Been The Proprietor Of Pequod’s For Many Years But Eventually Sold The Business, Established The First Pequod’s.

After That, He Established Burt’s Place In The Nearby Community Of Morton Grove, Which Is Known For Serving Pies That Are Not All That Dissimilar To Pequod’s.

After A Number Of Years Had Passed, In 2015, Katz Came To The Conclusion That He No Longer Wanted To Be In The Business, Despite The Fact That He Had Recently Become Famous After Being Featured On An Episode Of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.”

Because Burt’s Only Had One Oven, Customers Were Had To Put In Their Pizza Orders Two Days In Advance Or Else They Risked Being Turned Away At The Door Even If They Had A Reservation.

The Popularity Of The Restaurant Had Almost Reached An Unhealthy Level.

The Tragic Death Of Katz Occurred In 2016, And The Restaurant Remained Closed Until Its New Owners Relaunched For Business In Early 2017. (Via Chicago Tribune).

Thankfully, They Have Upgraded Katz’s Kitchen While Maintaining A Significant Portion Of His Signature Style And Cooking, Resulting In Pizzas That Are Nearly On Par With The Ones He First Created.

Customers Who Are Savvy Know To Order Just One Or Two Toppings, Such As Pepperoni And Sausage, Because Adding Too Many Toppings Can Dilute The Flavor Of Burt’s Wonderful Deep Dish Pizza, Which Is Characterized By Its Pure Doughy And Cheesy Taste.

9. Robert’s Pizza & Dough Company

Robert’s Pizza & Dough Company, Which Can Be Found In The Streeterville Area Of Chicago And Is Not Too Far From The Chicago River And Lake Shore Drive, Is An Excellent Choice For Tourists Who Are Interested In Purchasing A Pie Baked In A Brick Oven.

Robert Garvey, A Native Of New York And A Certified Pizzaiolo, Is The Owner And Operator Of Robert’s, A Pizza Restaurant That Is Obsessed With Creating The Perfect Crust And Pizza That “Cracks But Does Not Shatter” When Folded.

The Fact That Robert’s Only Opened Its Doors A Short While Ago Means That It Does Not Have Nearly The Same Amount Of Character As, For Example, A Vito & Nick’s Or A Marie’s, But The Menu Is Extensive And The Pizza Has An Undeniably Great Doughy Flavor.

It Might Surprise You To Learn That A Pie With “Cup And Char” Pepperoni Is Always A Good Option, As Is Robert’s Seafood Pie, Given That These Kinds Of Pies Are Typically More About The Gimmick Than The Flavor.

Toppings Might Include Anything From Brussels Sprouts And Dates To Braised Fennel And Bases Made Of Truffle Cream Sauce.

On Your Way Out The Door, Don’t Forget To Pick Up A Loaf Of Robert’s Fresh Za Bread To Take With You. In Addition To Being Chewy And Delectable, It Only Costs Five Dollars.

10. Phil’s Pizza

Phil‘s Is A No-Frills, Counter Service Establishment That Is A Bridgeport Staple. The Tavern-Style Pizza That They Serve Is Their Specialty, And They Do Not Offer Table Service.

However, This Does Not Mean That It Lacks Any Allure. Since Time Immemorial, Parents And Children Have Been Making Their Way To Phil’s, Particularly If They Are On Their Way To Watch The White Sox Play At The Neighboring Guaranteed Rate Field.

Their Pies Are Crisp And Delectable, Especially When Topped With Spicy Tiny Bits Of House-Made Fennel Sausage Or The Extremely Chicago Combo Of Italian Beef And Giardiniera.

Both Of These Topping Combinations Are Extremely Popular In Chicago. In Addition, The Cracker Crust On All Of Phil’s Pizzas Is Coated With A Layer Of Mozzarella That Is Both Thick And Gooey, Creating The Ideal Contrast With The Crispiness Of The Crust.

Diners Who Like To Eat Late Should Be Aware That Phil’s Is Open During The Week Until Midnight And On Weekends Until 1:30 In The Morning.

On Weekends, Which Means That It Is The Ideal Place To Grab A Bite To Eat If You Are Looking For Something That Will Help You Soak Up All Of That Old Style That You Drank While Watching The Game.

You Also Have The Option To Throw On A Side Of Fries, Which Is A Good Idea Given That There Are Times When Nothing Goes Better With Pizza Than Fries.

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