Pizza Can Be Made In 9 Different Ways That Are All Healthy.

Can You Explain Why You Think Pizza Is Bad For Your Weight Loss Efforts? To Put It Bluntly, You Had Better Start Believing.

The Key To Success Is Just Following The Instructions As Written. One Italian Pizza Chef Did That, And It Helped Him Shed A Lot Of Weight And Feel Healthier Overall.

New York City And Atlanta Are Home To Ribalta Pizzerias Where Pasquale Cozzolino, An Italian Native And Executive Chef/Co-Owner, Makes His Mark As A Native Of Naples.

He Knew He Needed To Lose A Lot Of Weight, But He Just Couldn’t Bring Himself To Stop Eating Pizza Every Day.

He Wanted To Lose Weight, So He Came Up With A Plan To Eat Less Pizza.

Cozzolino Claims, “I’ve Tried Traditional Dieting Tactics In The Past With Zero Success.” “I Was Never Completely Happy With Anything.

Saddeningly Few Edible Options Existed, Which Must Have Been Especially Disappointing To A Flavor-Conscious Chef.

Cozzolino Decided He Needed To Cut Back On His Caloric Intake While Still Enjoying His Daily Pizza.

Using Techniques He Learned In His Native Naples, Such As Making Pizza With A Fermented Dough That’s Higher In Fiber, He Experimented With Ways To Make Pizza Healthier And Lower In Calories.

The Use Of A Dough With A Higher Fiber Content Was Key To His Success. He Used To Eat A Single Slice Of Little Pizza For Lunch Every Day.

He Followed The Tenets Of The Mediterranean Diet For The Rest Of His Meals.

In Order To Lose Weight, Cozzolino Says, “I Focused On Eating Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, And Whole Grains And Substituting Healthy Fats Like Olive Oil And Avocado For Saturated Fats.”

For The Most Part, She Said, That’s How She Met Her Dietary Needs In Italy Before She Moved To New York And Started Eating Fast Food And Sugary Processed Meals.

Successfully Accomplished The Goal. In Just 9 Months, The Cook Lost 114 Pounds While Still Enjoying His Go-To Food, Pizza.

Cozzolino Writes In His Book “The Pizza Diet” About The Miraculous Turnaround In His Health That He Experienced After Switching To The Pizza Diet.

Fifty Of The Chef’s Favorite Pizzas, Each With A Unique Sauce And A Variety Of Healthy Toppings, Are Included.

If You’re Trying To Lose Weight Like Cozzolino And Love Pizza, Don’t Give Up The Pie Just Yet. There Are Simple Tricks You Can Use, Whether You Like To Make Your Own Or Order It From A Restaurant, To Help You Eat Less While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Food.

These Clever Techniques May Be Used With Either Store-Bought Or Homemade Pizza To Reduce Fat And Calories. Cozzolino Adopted The Mediterranean Diet, Which Is Beneficial For Cardiovascular Health.

Here Are A Few Of His Suggestions; For More Information On How To Eat Healthily, Check Out Our Compilation Of The 21 Greatest Healthy Cooking Tips Of All Time.

Take A Drink First, Then Get A Snack.

What You Describe Is Water, Naturally. Cozzolino claims that when people feel hungry, they mistake their thirst for hunger and reach for a fork instead of a glass of ice water.

Take a swig of water before your meal; doing so will keep you from gorging on pizza.

Avoid ordering a cheese-and-tomato pizza.

Glycemic index (Gi) is a measure of how quickly blood sugar levels rise in response to a specific food; by adding toppings high in fiber and protein, you can reduce pizza’s Gi.

How quickly your blood sugar rises after eating is quantified by the Gi. A simple cheese pizza, for instance, scores 80 on the Glycemic Index scale, but a vegetable pie scores only 49.

When trying to lower your Gi, raw vegetables and lean meats like chicken breast or other white meat are your best bets for toppings.

Vegetables that have been fried as a topping should be avoided at all costs. In addition, try one of these 17 pizza toppings.

Red sauce and pepperoni pizza, please.

You should get a pizza with tomato sauce instead of a white pizza. Lycopene, an antioxidant thought by some to protect the heart and reduce the risk of some cancers, is more concentrated in tomato sauce of a darker red color.

If you’re looking to lose weight, why not give one of these 29+ healthy pizza recipes a try?

Remember: Pizza with less cheese.

The amount of saturated fat (and calories) in a pizza can be reduced by half if you ask for it to be made with “half cheese” or if you make it yourself. That holds true whether you’re putting meat or vegetables on your pizza.

Blow off any excess grease from the pizza.

When eating cheese pizza, if you see oil pooling on the plate, simply use a napkin to soak up the excess grease.

You can save yourself about 50 calories and the potential for grease stains on your shirt by eating this way.

Delete All Beverage Calories

Most pizza eaters wash down their pie with a can of soda, glass of sweet tea, bottle of beer, or glass of wine.

Try switching to unsweetened iced tea or water if you’re watching your calorie intake.

According to Cozzolino, who formerly drank three cans of soda daily, he “totally eliminated all the liquid calories.” “You Have No Idea How Many Calories You Are Consuming.” Having paused, I was able to see a shift.

Dig into some thin-crust pizza.

The crust of pizza, which is typically made with refined white flour and accounts for the vast majority of the dish’s calorie count, is where the most of its negative health effects can be found.

As stated by Cozzolino, “It Causes Your Insulin Levels to Increase, which Causes you to Crave More.”

My dough ferments for at least 36 hours, and I use a healthier variety of flour called Type 1 Stone-Ground Flour.

Cozzolino suggests ordering pizza with a thin crust to lessen the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels because most pizza restaurants don’t use such an expensive dough.

Boost the heat to a high setting.

You may trick yourself into eating less and increase the rate at which your body burns calories just by adding some spice to your pizza.

According to the results of a Canadian study, men who ate spicy appetizers consumed about 200 less calories per day than those who didn’t add any heat.

If you’re in the mood to experiment, sprinkle some ground black pepper, red chile flakes, or jalapeo slices over the top of your pizza.

I highly recommend ordering pizza topped with green stuff.

Multiple Yale University studies with respectable scientific citations support the idea that salads eaten first can reduce caloric intake by as much as 20%.

Accordingly, kick off your pizza feast with a hearty side salad. Before serving, drizzle a scant tablespoon of vinaigrette over the greens.

Researchers have found that consuming vinegar aids with weight loss by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Vinegar reduced the subsequent rise in blood sugar by 34% in people at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes after they ate a meal high in carbohydrates (like pizza).

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