Beyoncé Slams Right Said Fred For ‘erroneous’ Sampling Charges

Beyoncé Recently Issued A Rare Response To Comments Made By Uk Pop Duo Right Said Fred Accusing Her Of Sampling Without Permission. The 28-Time Grammy Winner Released Her “Renaissance” Album At The End Of July, Which Featured Several Hit Singles.

One Of The More Popular Songs, “Alien Superstar,” Allegedly Sampled Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy.” The Sibling Group Was Founded In 1989 By Two Brothers, Fred And Richard Fairbrass.

The Brothers Accused The 41-Year-Old Of Sampling Their Hit Song Without Permission. Rsf Mentioned Other Artists Who Asked For Permission And Called Beyoncé “Arrogant” For Ignoring Them.

Drake Sampled The Song Prominently In “Way 2 Sexy,” And Taylor Swift Used It In “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Beyonce Called And Referred To Fred’s Remarks As “Incredibly Disparaging.”

Beyoncé Responded To Right Said Fred’s Allegations By Claiming That She Had Paid For The Use Of The Hit Song By The Duo, “I’m Too Sexy,” And That She Had Paid For Permission To Sample It.

The Well-Known Track Was Previously Sampled By Beyoncé For Her Hit Song “Alien Superstar.”

The “Love On Top” Singer’s Team Contacted The New York Post And Referred To The Comments As “Incredibly Disparaging” And “Erroneous.” “The Comments Made By Right Said Fred Stating That Beyoncé Used ‘i’m Too Sexy’ In ‘alien Superstar’ Without Permission Are False And Extremely Disparaging,” The Statement Read.

“Not Only Was Permission Given For Its Use, But They Also Expressed Their Gratitude For Being Included In The Album In Public. No Sound Recording Was Used For Their Song; Only The Composition Was Used, The Statement Continued.

Beyoncé Covered The Cost Of The Sample.

Beyoncé’s Statement Went On To Say That Payment Was Made As Early As August After Receiving Authorization To Use The Song From The Publisher Of The British Artists.

“On May 11, 2022, Their Publisher Received A Request For Permission, And On June 15, 2022, The Publisher Granted It. In August 2022, They Received Payment For The Use,” It Stated.

The Grammy-Winning Artist’s Team Added That Right Said Fred Was Given Credit For A Significant Portion Of The Song’s Copyright And Was Listed As A Co-Writer On The Song.

“A Significant Portion Of The Composition Is Protected By The Copyright Percentage Of The Right Said Fred Writers With Respect To The Use Of ‘i’m Too Sexy.

The Statement’s Conclusion Read, “The Right Said Fred Writers Collectively Own More Than Any Other Single Author And Have Co-Author Credit. This Charge Is Untrue.

Fred, On The Other Hand, Accused Her Of Sampling Without Their Permission.

The British Musicians Right Said Fred Claimed Earlier This Week In An Article In The Sun That Beyoncé Had Sampled Their Song “I’m Too Sexy” Without Asking Their Permission Because She Was Too “Arrogant.”

The Musicians Asserted That Other Musicians Who Were Considering Sampling The Song Personally Contacted Them To Ask For Permission.

They Claimed That Beyoncé Didn’t Approach Them Because She Is Such A Haughty Person. “Usually The Artist Approaches Us,” They Said. We Learned About It When You Did Because She Probably Just Thought, “Come And Get Me.”

Everyone Else, Including Drake And Taylor Swift, Came To Us, According To Rsf. They Added That In Order To Sample Their Song, An Artist Must Send A Demo Of The Track, And If It Is Accepted, The Siblings Will Receive Co-Writing Credit.

There Are Absurdly 22 Writers Involved In This Beyoncé Thing, So We Would Receive About 40 [Pounds].

Rsf Continued By Calling The Situation “Sh*T” And Asserting That They Had No Choice But To Let It Go. You Will Engage In Conversation With Someone Who Is Much More Powerful, Influential, And Wealthy Than We Are. That Won’t Work Out Well.

Kelis Charged Beyoncé With Unauthorized Sampling

Similar Accusations Were Made Against Beyoncé In July By “Bossy” Artist Kelis, Who Claimed That She Had Sampled A Song Without Their Consent.

The Claim Was Made Prior To The Grammy Winner’s Release Of Her “Renaissance” Album, And It Was Reportedly The Track “Milkshake” By Kelis For Beyoncé’s “Energy” That Was Sampled.

The “Milkshake” Singer Claimed At The Time That She Was Not Aware Of The Sample Until It Became Public Knowledge. The Information Was Published On A Beyoncé Fan Page, And Kelis Commented There To Call Out The 41-Year-Old For Being Soulless.

She Claimed That “Some Of The People In This Business Have No Soul Or Integrity.” Beyoncé Famously Credited Kelis’ Song, But The Musician Insisted That “It’s Not A Collab; It’s Theft.”

The Grammy Winner Responded By Simply Taking The Song Off The Album At The Time, Unlike Her Recent Decision To Issue A Statement.

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